Individual Therapy

Individual Adults

You will find an atmosphere which is welcoming and calm. Here you can confidentially discuss any aspects of what you are going through without being rushed or judged. As you gain confidence in this environment and process, we will discuss in depth the difficulties you are experiencing. My training and experience allows for me to draw from various therapeutic approaches to assist your healing and growth. Specifics of the therapy process are as varied as are individuals. Our sessions may include times of discussion, collaberation, silence, creative expression, sound/music, somatic (body) awareness, mindfulness and reflection.


In my years of working with teens and preteens, I know that many adolescents benefit from a neutral, non-judgmental place to ponder and talk about their experiences and feelings. A place which is private, consistent and allows for expressive creativity. I offer guidance and support around issues such as: scholastic pressures, body image, parent’s divorce and understanding for themselves what is “the right thing to do”.

Length of time spent in psychotherapy varies from person to person. Upon discovering the benefits of therapy, some people choose to make a long term commitment to their process. Others choose to work on a specific and issue and then end therapy. I will help you to decide what you believe is best for you.