I am passionate about forming relationship with one’s creativity. I believe that exploring and engaging with our creative nature is a pathway to growth, healing and change. Sometimes engaging in one’s creativity involves making art or music. But most importantly, it is a choice which we make from moment to moment about how much we allow ourselves to embrace and enjoy our life. Of how much we are able to appreciate ever changing mystery. Our creativity asks us to recognize all of our many parts, moods, beliefs, joys and fears. In therapy we explore and learn how to do this for ourselves. Our creativity can show us the way.

Many of my clients are working artists who deal with issues around self worth, creative blocks, money and career as well as family and other relationships. In my view, we are all inherently creative beings. One does not need to be an artist, or even want to be one, in order to benefit from my style of psychotherapy. We engage with and discuss creative process as much or as little as is called for. I always hold our natural creativity in high esteem, whether spoken or silent.

When you awake in the morning, even for a moment, do you imagine what may be possible for yourself this day?