My name is Karen Palamos and I am a psychotherapist in San Francisco. For fifteen plus years I've been working with individual adults, adolescents and couples who reflect the diversity of lifestyle and background which we enjoy here in the Bay Area.

My style is warm and interactive, thoughtful and non-judgmental. My years of varied training and experience fit within a Transpersonal frame. I am always aware of a
"bigger picture" and when appropriate, will help you to see that too. This is a very inclusive way of viewing what we experience as individuals, in our relationships, as members of local and global culture, and our ideas of what may be beyond.

I have helped many people with issues such as: creative blocks and overly active critical inner-voice, depression and anxiety, unfulfilling relationships, loneliness and
co-dependence, grief and bereavement.

I invite you to explore links to the left in order to learn more about my psychotherapy practice. You can arrange an initial phone consultation at no cost or obligation calling me at 415-820-3992 and leaving a message. I will call you back as soon as I am able. Or you can use the email form on the Contact page of this website.